Can you provide ceremony, cocktail hour and dinner music?
Yes, and this can be done with the number of musicians and instruments that fit your event and budget.

Where is the band located?
The Party Factor is based in Boston, MA.

What type of events are you available for?
Weddings, corporate events, charity galas, holiday parties, reunions, anniversaries, conventions, fundraisers, festivals, bar/bat mitzvahs, birthday parties and celebrations of all types.

How many band members are there?
The Party Factor is a 7-piece band, including: one male and one female lead vocalists, male keyboard/lead vocalist, sax/percussionist, drums, bass, guitar. The lineup can be expanded, adding any or all of the following: sax, additional percussion, trumpet, trombone.

How long do you play and how many breaks do you take?
We typically perform three sets of one hour and 10 minutes with two 20 minute break between sets.  However, we can adjust our sets and breaks to accommodate your event schedule.
During our breaks, we can play recorded music (provided by us or you) through the band's sound system (this is a great way to play particular songs or genres the band may not play) and you also may use the band's microphone during breaks for announcements, toasts, raffles, etc.  As an alternative, by special request and for an extra fee, we can arrange to have a DJ spin during band breaks.

Do you provide MC services?
Yes, .

What equipment does the band provide and what do you need from me?
For local events, we supply the full sound system and stage lighting.
From you and/or the venue, the band requires:
1. A clear performance area of (Ideally) 10' x 20' ( Although we cam fit into smaller spaces) with access to adequate power (two 20 amp electrical outlets minimum).
2. Stage and/or risers and dance floor are up to you and your venue but are not a requiement . Ideal stage size is 12' x 24', minimum is 8' x 20'.
3. Hot meals for the band members and sound crew if applicable.

May we use the band's microphone for toasts, announcements, etc?
Absolutely. We provide wireless microphones at no extra charge.

Will you learn special song requests?
We are happy to learn up to three special request songs for your event, as long as we have the request at least 90 days before your event.  Also keep in mind that if you require certain songs that are not on the band's play list, they can always be put on the break iPod mix.

How do you control the volume?
It's easy to keep the volume "just right."  For cocktails and dinner, we play at a lower volume that allows your guests to easily carry on conversations.  After dinner, we increase the volume just enough to provide energy and get the crowd dancing.  Regardless, the volume can always be raised or lowered.

How does the band dress?
Always appropriate for your event . For most events, the guys will wear black suits and various matching colored ties. The female singer will be in formal dress.

How does the band plan for our event?
We send you a planning sheet for your event and together we develop a timeline that fits your needs. We then contact any coordinators and the venue regarding your event timeline, equipment load-in, power and set up, so the band is ready to play as scheduled.

Why The Party Factor?
The Party Factor consistently wows audiences with our amazing lead singers, tight rhythm section, and all-around musicianship.  We play all kinds of music to entertain your guests and make your event unforgettable from the first welcome to the last farewell.